🚀 LibreChat v0.5.5
July 16, 2023

🚀 LibreChat v0.5.5

ChatGPT Plugins...

What’s Changed

This update introduces ChatGPT Plugins (OpenAPI specs) for use with our Plugins endpoint! One of the main use cases we gain from integrating them to LibreChat is to allow use of official plugins with gpt-3.5 models, and without ChatGPT Plus. Read the full documentation to learn how to add/configure them, although I’ve included some.

Note: LibreChat’s implementation is not 1:1 with ChatGPT’s, depends on the LangChainJS library, and is a working first pass. For more disclaimers on the limitations, read here


✨ Features

🔧 Fixes

  • fix(Settings.jsx): fix Settings inputs losing focus to main textarea from 0.5.4 update by @danny-avila in #646
  • fix: typo when including proxy for langchain by @danny-avila in #653
  • fix: sharpness in Bing Chat icon by @fuegovic in #648

We are always looking for contributors at any skill level. Here’s our roadmap, see if there’s anything you may want to tackle, or you can simply ask how you can contribute on discord, especially if you have new ideas. This is a great project to contribute to if you’ve never contributed to an open source project before

Full Changelog: https://github.com/danny-avila/LibreChat/compare/v0.5.4…v0.5.5