๐Ÿš€ LibreChat v0.5.8
August 28, 2023

๐Ÿš€ LibreChat v0.5.8

Continue Regenerating, Edit Messages, Plugins Improvements, and more...

Whatโ€™s Changed

โœจ New Features

  • GPT/Anthropic: Continue Regenerating & Generation Buttons by @danny-avila
  • Azure Cognitive Search Plugin by @zentooo
  • Edit AI Messages, Edit Messages in Place ๐Ÿ“ by @danny-avila
  • facebook login by @Berry-13
  • Add Code Interpreter Plugin by @ronith256
    • This is one of a few plugins that โ€œinterpretโ€ code as a plugin, not as a standalone mode like for ChatGPT
    • A CodeInterpreter โ€œmodeโ€ is in the project timeline after file support is fully developed.
  • Show Bing Scores by @psarno
  • Disable Registration for Social logins by @Berry-13
  • Plugins: Improve OpenAPI handling, Show Multiple Plugins, & Other Improvements by @danny-avila

๐ŸŒ Internationalization

๐Ÿ”ง Fixes

  • Scripts: remove โ€”volumes flag from down commands by @danny-avila
  • Update username rules by @Berry-13
  • Corrected Registration Validation, Case-Insensitive Variable Handling, Playwright workflow by @danny-avila
  • CodeBlock.tsx fix copy-to-clipboard functionality on some browsers by @danny-avila
  • Reset password error by @Berry-13
  • PluginsClient.js fix ChatOpenAI Azure Config Issue by @danny-avila
  • HoverButtons light/dark styling to match official site by @danny-avila
  • Update social profile picture by @Berry-13
  • BingAI markdown and error formatting for final stream response by @danny-avila
  • Registration Make Username optional by @danny-avila
  • Fix Meilisearch error and refactor server index.js file by @Berry-13

๐Ÿ“ Documentation

  • DigitalOcean Deployment by @danny-avila
  • Update chimeragpt docs by @Berry-13
  • Added podman installation instructions. Updated dockerfile to stub env by @f1yn
  • Minor Updates by @fuegovic
  • Showcase Third-party LibreChat โ€œtoolsโ€ in docs by @fuegovic

โš™๏ธ Other Changes

  • Un-expose mongodb ports in compose files by @danny-avila
  • Comment out meilisearch ports in compose files by @danny-avila
  • Translation Fixes, Lint Error Corrections, and Additional Translations by @Berry-13
  • Convert โ€˜export to screenshotโ€™ logic to TSX and use html-to-image by @danny-avila
  • Refactor(MessageHandler -> useServerStream): TS Conversion and Custom Hook for Server Streaming by @danny-avila
  • Style(Dialog): Improved Close Button (โ€œXโ€) position by @Berry-13
  • style(NavLinks): Improved NavLinks animation and scale by @Berry-13

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/danny-avila/LibreChat/compare/v0.5.7โ€ฆv0.5.8