🚀 LibreChat v0.6.10
February 16, 2024

🚀 LibreChat v0.6.10

Font Update, and more...

⚠️ Important Update

Dear LibreChat community,

I’m reaching out to share a critical update about our project. Today I conducted a license review to ensure the project is in good standing. All was good with one exception. I learned that the Söhne fonts used in LibreChat require proper licensing for legal use. These were added early on in the project by a community contribution, for their design alignment with ChatGPT’s aesthetic, but it was my oversight in allowing them without proper knowledge.

Actions I’ve Taken: I have removed the Söhne fonts from the project and replaced them with open-source alternatives. This change is effective immediately in the latest version of our repository on GitHub. I have promptly initiated contact with the relevant font foundry to discuss which licenses are most appropriate to purchase in LibreChat’s situation and to come to a resolve.

Your Action Required: For anyone who has used or forked LibreChat, please update to the latest version to comply with font licensing laws. If you prefer to continue using the Söhne fonts, you’ll need to secure a license for yourself. Instructions for integrating licensed fonts post-purchase can be found here.

I will make another update once I receive communication from the font foundry for added clarification.

Next Steps: I believe we can move forward and I’m willing to help anyone with this situation as needed. I am glad I reviewed the current state of dependencies, and I am committed to ensuring LibreChat remains compliant, accessible, and continues improving. To clarify, I was not contacted by the foundry, I simply learned about the issue in my review and am now seeking to rectify.

The effort to match OpenAI’s ChatGPT styling was well-intentioned but poorly executed, and moving forward, I’ll ensure all aspects of our project meet legal and permissive standards.

This is an uncomfortable situation to be in but I believe this is the right thing to do. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation for these necessary adjustments. For updates or guidance on making these changes, feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your support of LibreChat.

Other Changes since v0.6.9

chore: Update Docker build and push actions by @danny-avila in #1790 chore: add tag for latest for ci/cd docker builds by @danny-avila in #1791 feat: Assistants API, General File Support, Side Panel, File Explorer by @danny-avila in #1696 fix(data-provider): add openapi-types dependency by @danny-avila in #1797 docs(assistants): Additional Setup & Tool Selection Info by @danny-avila in #1798 docs: Enhance LibreChat Docker deployment guide by @CXwudi in #1796 fix(Convo): Rename Title UX by @walbercardoso in #1793 chore: Improve Assistants Run Logging by @danny-avila in #1801 fix: Reinstate Default Social Login Values by @danny-avila in #1811

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/danny-avila/LibreChat/compare/v0.6.9…v0.6.10