LibreChat 2024 Roadmap
February 19, 2024

LibreChat 2024 Roadmap

The 2024 roadmap for LibreChat, including the Assistants API integration and more.

LibreChat 2024 Roadmap

Iโ€™m excited to announce that the Assistants API integration is now live on the main branch! Be sure to read the updated setup guide.

This allows the creation of AI Assistants, offering features like code interpreter, knowledge retrieval of files, and tool execution very closely resembling GPTs.

I would also like to announce the current Roadmap for LibreChat.

The 2024 Roadmap:

  • Admin Panel & Role Based Access Control (more info on this soon)

As configuration options grow, so does complexity. The main purpose of this update would be to house many of these settings with an interface, to streamline customization and eliminate the need of CLI commands, as well as more effectively manage users.

  • Assistants API Enhancements; see roadmap in the discussion thread below
  • Temporary Chats
  • Preset wizard (AI to help you make presets)
  • Add/delete messages anywhere in the conversation
  • Multiple response streaming
  • In-line text commands for using presets/assistants/switching endpoints
  • Native Local LLM integrations (Ollama to start)
  • Local RAG for extended file support for all endpoints
  • โ€Memoryโ€ for conversations
  • Improved Tooling for all Endpoints (not just Plugins)
  • Fine Tuning & LLM Feedback Data management

I know this is ambitious but I believe this is all more than possible with everyoneโ€™s continued support!

Iโ€™ve made a Roadmap Feedback Form for those interested in sharing what they think!

Also, LibreChat is now officially 1 year old! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Discuss theses updates on Discord: