⚙️ Config v1.0.0
January 3, 2024

⚙️ Config v1.0.0

This initial release introduces a robust configuration schema using Zod for validation, designed to manage API endpoints and associated settings in a structured and type-safe manner.

see: librechat.yaml


  1. Endpoint Configuration Schema (endpointSchema):

    • Name Validation: Ensures that the endpoint name is not one of the default EModelEndpoint values.
    • API Key: Requires a string value for API key identification.
    • Base URL: Requires a string value for the base URL of the endpoint.
    • Models Configuration:
      • Default Models: Requires an array of strings with at least one model specified.
      • Fetch Option: Optional boolean to enable model fetching.
    • Additional Optional Settings:
      • Title Convo: Optional boolean to toggle conversation titles.
      • Title Method: Optional choice between ‘completion’ and ‘functions’ methods.
      • Title Model: Optional string for model specification in titles.
      • Summarize: Optional boolean for enabling summary features.
      • Summary Model: Optional string specifying the model used for summaries.
      • Force Prompt: Optional boolean to force prompt inclusion.
      • Model Display Label: Optional string for labeling the model in UI displays.
  2. Main Configuration Schema (configSchema):

    • Version: String to specify the config schema version.
    • Cache: Boolean to toggle caching mechanisms.
    • Endpoints:
      • Custom Endpoints: Array of partially applied endpointSchema to allow custom endpoint configurations.
    • Ensures strict object structure without additional properties.