⚙️ Config v1.0.8
April 30, 2024

⚙️ Config v1.0.8

  • Added additional fields to interface config to toggle access to specific features:
    • endpointsMenu, modelSelect, parameters, sidePanel, presets
  • Now ensures the following fields always have defaults set:
    • cache, imageOutputType, fileStrategy, registration
  • Added modelSpecs for a configurable UI experience, simplifying model selection with specific presets and tools.
  • Added filteredTools to disable specific plugins/tools without any changes to the codebase
    • Affects both gptPlugins and assistants endpoints
  • iconURL can now be to set to one of the main endpoints to use existing project icons
    • ”openAI” | “azureOpenAI” | “google” | “anthropic” | “assistants” | “gptPlugins”
  • Invalid YAML format is now logged for easier debugging