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Import Conversations

Import Conversations

Conversations Import allows user to import conversations exported from other GPT chat applications. Currently, we support importing conversations from ChatGPT, ChatbotUI v1, and LibreChat itself.

The Import functionality is available in the “Settings” -> “Data Controls” section.

How to import conversations from Chat GPT

  1. Follow the ChatGPT export instructions to export your conversations.
  2. You should get a link to download archive in you email.
  3. Download the archive. It should be a zip file with random name like:
  4. Extract the content of the zip file.
  5. Navigate to LibreChat Settings -> Data Controls

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  1. Click on the “Import” button and select conversations.json file from the extracted archive. It will start importing the conversations.
  2. Shortly you will get a notification that the import is complete.


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