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AI Overview

AI Overview

LibreChat allows you to configure and integrate various AI providers, APIs, and their corresponding credentials. This enables you to utilize different AI models, settings, and functionalities based on your needs and requirements.

Key Concepts

  • Endpoints: An endpoint refers to an AI provider, configuration, or API that determines the available models and settings for a chat request. Examples include OpenAI, Google, Plugins, Anthropic, and others.

  • Presets: A preset is a saved combination of an endpoint, model, and conversation settings. You can create and manage multiple presets to suit different use cases.

  • Default Endpoint: If you have multiple endpoints configured, you can specify a default endpoint to be used when creating a new conversation.

  • Default Preset: Similarly, you can set a default preset to be used automatically when starting a new conversation.


  1. AI Providers: Set up various pre-configured AI providers by providing the necessary credentials and API keys.

  2. Manage Endpoints: Enable or disable different endpoints based on your requirements.

  3. Create and Manage Presets: Define and save specific combinations of endpoints, models, and conversation settings as presets.

  4. Set Default Endpoint and Preset: Specify a default endpoint and preset to streamline the process of starting new conversations. Hereโ€™s a video to demonstrate: Setting a Default Preset

  5. Customize Configurations: Explore advanced configuration options, such as adding custom endpoints like Ollama, Mistral AI or Openrouter.