Local Installation

Local Installation of LibreChat with Docker

For most scenarios, Docker Compose is the recommended installation method due to its simplicity, ease of use, and reliability.


Installation Steps

Follow these steps to set up LibreChat with the default configuration:

Clone the Repository
git clone
Navigate to the LibreChat Directory
cd LibreChat
Create a .env File from .env.example
cp .env.example .env

Note: If you’re using Windows, you might need to use copy instead of cp.

Start LibreChat
docker compose up -d
Access LibreChat!

Update LibreChat

The following commands will fetch the latest LibreChat project changes, including any necessary changes to the docker compose files, as well as the latest prebuilt images.

Note: you may need to prefix commands with sudo according to your environment permissions.

Stop the running container(s)
docker compose down
Pull latest project changes
git pull
Pull the latest LibreChat image
docker compose pull
Start LibreChat
docker compose up

Additional Setup

Unlock additional features by exploring our configuration guides to learn how to set up:

  • Custom endpoints
  • Other advanced configuration options
  • And more

This will enable you to customize your LibreChat experience with optional features.

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