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Google Search

Google Search Plugin

Through the plugins endpoint, you can use google search for answers to your questions with assistance from GPT! To get started, you need to get a Google Custom Search API key, and a Google Custom Search Engine ID. You can then define these as follows in your .env file:


You first need to create a programmable search engine and get the search engine ID:

Then you can get the API key, click the “Get a key” button on this page:

1. Go to the Programmable Search Engine docs to get a Search engine ID

2. Click on “Control Panel” under “Defining a Programmable Engine in Control Panel”

Click to sign in(make a Google acct if you do not have one):


3. Register yourself a new account/Login to the Control Panel

After logging in, you will be redirected to the Control Panel to create a new search engine:


4. Create a new search engine

Fill in a name, select to “Search the entire web” and hit “Create”:


5. Copy your Search engine ID to your .env file


6. Go to custom-search docs to get a Google search API key

7. Click “Get a Key”:


8. Name your project and agree to the Terms of Service


9. Copy your Google search API key to your .env file