Tools and Plugins

Tools and Plugins

Note: A new approach has been devised to revamp the handling of tools and plugins from scratch. The plan is to prioritize implementation for Assistants initially, followed by creating a new agent system that seamlessly integrates with various endpoints such as Anthropic, Google, and others.

Setup Instructions:

Azure AI Search

Google Search

Stable Diffusion



  • You just need an OpenAI key, and it’s made distinct from your main API key to make Chats but it can be the same one


  • You need a Zapier account. Get your API key from here after you’ve made an account
    • Create allowed actions - Follow step 3 in this Start Here guide from Zapier
      • ⚠️ NOTE: zapier is known to be finicky with certain actions. I found that writing email drafts is probably the best use of it


  • This is not to be confused with ‘browsing’ on (which is technically a plugin suite or multiple plugins)
    • This plugin uses OpenAI embeddings so an OpenAI key is necessary, similar to DALL-E, and it’s made distinct from your main API key to make Chats but it can be the same one
    • This plugin will simply scrape html, and will not work with dynamic Javascript pages as that would require a more involved solution
    • A better solution for ‘browsing’ is planned but can’t guarantuee when
    • This plugin is best used in combination with google so it doesn’t hallucinate webpages to visit


  • An alternative to Google search but not as performant in my opinion
    • You can get an API key here:
    • For free tier, you are limited to 100 queries/month
    • With google, you are limited to 100/day for free, which is a better deal, and any after may cost you a few pennies